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Website Sponsors

In order to keep the website running, we need to fundraise. We are asking for donations from anyone who would like to donate. The Sheet Harbour & Area of Chamber of Commerce & Civic Affairs would like to thank all donors and advertisers for their sponsorships. 2015 Donors Ann Marie Perry Eastern Shore Wildlife Association …

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Sheet Harbour Christmas Parade

Sheet Harbour Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 5. Meet at the Schooner Place Mall for 6:00 pm. The parade destination is at MacPhee House. Hot chocolate and treats will be served. Lily’s Hill float will be collecting Food Bank donations along the parade route again this year! Don’t forget about the Light …

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Literacy Month

November is Financial Literacy Month Everyone would like to save a little money, learn how to use cash and credit and talk to their children about it. 12 Steps to get organized financially How to talk to kids about money (even if you don’t have any) Tips for Spending Plans This is an information session …

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